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For me, modeling started in January of 2019. A photographer had stumbled upon my instagram page and asked if I would want to model. I didn't hesitate on the offer and here I am going after my dreams. It began as a hobby and just something I would do for fun every now and then. I remember working my normal day job while going to college full time and I bought a lottery ticket each week - I'm an optimist! When I walked out of the gas station I remember looking down at the lottery ticket and thinking,         "Why the hell am I willing to bet on this lottery ticket and hope that something will happen, why don't I go after my dreams and make what I want to happen become my real life?" From that point on I did not second guess myself and I've gone all in on modeling and give it everything that I have. Thank you for all of your love and support. I hope to continue creating content for you! If you want to see more and support me on this incredible journey click on the OnlyFans link- It's located at the top of the page! 

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